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Meet Your Health Coach Aggie Shah

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

Yoga and Meditation

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Hi there! My name is Agnieszka, but you can call me Aggie. I'm a Holistic Health Coach with a passion for helping others achieve balance and happiness in all aspects of their lives. My journey to becoming a health coach began when I struggled with my own health issues for years. Despite eating healthy, exercising, and using non-toxic personal care products, I continued to have health problems that my doctors dismissed.  It wasn't until I found a holistic specialist who actually listened to my symptoms and worked with me to heal from within and understand the true root causes that I was able to put my autoimmune disease into remission. 

Before becoming a health coach, I worked in corporate America for over a decade. However, the long hours and constant travel took a toll on my health and family life. The final tipping point in healing was deciding to follow my heart, pursue my passion and find my true north and help others heal through holistic health. I'm now a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 200hr Yoga Teacher, 100hr Meditation Teacher, and Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Teacher. I'm actively seeking my certification in Ayurvedic Nutrition.


My expertise in nutrition, nontoxic product swaps, finding ways to reduce stress and improve sleep and movement allow me to help others on their journeys to lifelong health.

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