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Meet Your Health Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Ayurvedic Nutritionist & Yoga & Meditation Instructor

True North Health and Wellness is dedicated to offering a range of services to promote your physical and mental well-being. My name is Aggie Shah, and I am your certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. I offer personalized coaching to individuals seeking to improve their health, with a focus on helping clients lose weight, make healthy habit changes, reduce autoimmune disease symptoms, cut back on sugar, reduce toxin load, improve sleep, and reduce stress. My main focus is to prioritize education to empower you to make healthier choices that will last a lifetime. My own personal experience in reversing autoimmune disease and reducing major symptoms without pharmaceuticals helps me add a unique perspective and approach to my health coaching services. While most of the work I do is virtual, I am based in Willow Spring, NC. 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Aggie Shah

Areas of Expertise

Resetting Your Taste Buds and Cutting Cravings

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Cutting Back on Harmful Toxins, Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep


Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

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"I participated in Sugar Detox program. My goals were to learn more about sugar (I was surprised how many different names it has), manage my insulin resistances and be able to not want a snack every 2h. I achieved all of my goals and even lost few lbs. My mood and skin got better.
Definitely recommend Sugar Detox!"

- Irina V.

"True North Health and Wellness is an amazing way to help support you on your holistic health journey. Aggie offers professional personalized health coaching in the triangle area as well as offers virtual holistic health coaching online. As far as the True North Health and Wellness Sugar detox program I got great results as far as education, changing my gut biome, and I think the most important is consciousness of your sugar intake and how it affects your health. I highly recommend True North Health and Wellness holistic health coaching and her sugar detox program! 💖"

- Kory Y.

I attended the Sugar Detox Program in 2023. It works! Not only did I learn a ton about how to eat healthier, what order to eat foods in (fiber first), but I also lost 16 lbs over the duration of the program! This isn’t a diet program to lose weight, it is a program that really teaches you how to make healthier food choices. After the program ended I continued much of the diet I established during the program. The really amazing part is that I managed to keep all that weight off for the entire year!

One of the most powerful parts of the program is the group dynamic. Each week we all met and talked about our challenges, shared some great food alternative we found (I still eat the egg wraps daily), and helped support each other throughout the program. We also had a group chat where we shared some recipes, pictures of the meals we ate, and great finds at the store. This program is a life changer and I recommend it to anyone that wants to make some real life changes that last, and make you a healthier person. I am actually going to be doing the program again in 2024 and aiming to lose another chunk of weight. Thanks Aggie for the great program!

- Sebastian G.

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  • New Client Trial

    A personalized short term plan that can be extended, as needed.
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Hour Health Intake Form Review Call
    • x1 30min Check In Call
    • Online resources
    • Call Recaps and Recordings with Supportive Resources
  • Weekly Calls + Unlimited Text Support

    Every month
    Weekly 30min Health Coaching calls plus unlimited texting access
    • 1 Hour Health Intake Form Review
    • Weekly 30min Calls
    • Unlimited Text and Email Support
    • Access to x1 Group Sugar Detox Program
    • Online resources
    • Call Recaps and Recordings with Supportive Resources
  • 3 Month Health Coaching Plan

    Ready to commit to making lasting healthy habit changes? Sign up today!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 Hour Health Intake Form Review
    • x10 30min Weekly Coaching Calls
    • x1 Overhaul of Choice: Pantry, Personal Care, Cleaning, etc.
    • Access to 1x Group Sugar Detox Program
    • Call Recaps and Recordings with Supportive Resources
    • Online Resources
    • Unlimited Text and Email Support

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